Day Hike: Mt. Ulap, Itogon, Benguet

Sunny days are almost over, but the itch to climb mountains isn’t. So with high hopes that there won’t be rain amid this unpredictable weather, I invited a cousin to go join a group of trekkers bound for Benguet, a trip that was supposed to happen during the last weekend of July but was moved to the first weekend of August because, yes, the rain. Despite the reschedule, we said yes – and off we went to climb Mt. Ulap!

Remembering the Last Days of a Pet

My previous posts have been about animals and my love for them, a love that I can trace back to a childhood filled with pets. Sorting through my files earlier, I came across something I wrote and posted in one of my old blogs decades ago – a tribute to a pet cat, one of the many who have made a huge impact in my life. Resharing the write-up here – hope you enjoy reading.

Volunteering for an Animal Shelter: A Closer Look

Spending a day in an animal shelter – it’s a powerful experience. It has opened my eyes to the reality of the situation concerning stray animals in the Philippines. It has changed the way I look at strays and has made me see the beauty that lies beneath the surface. And it has awakened in me a dream that I keep alive up to this day.

Russette [A Repost]

This is a 3-year old Facebook post that I’m reposting and resharing in an effort to bring continuing awareness to the plight of many stray animals here in the Philippines. You are loved, Russette. We hope you’re having a blast on the other side of the rainbow bridge.