The Harvest

Today is my grandfather’s first death anniversary.

Aside from being a good husband, father, and grandfather; a friend to everyone in our community, one of the most genuine persons I know; someone with an easy love; perhaps one of the things that define him the most is his close affiliation with the land. He is a farmer, a hardworking man, someone who regards all living things – man and animals and plants alike – with the same respect.

This poem is one of the most recent pieces I have written for a poetry class, and I dedicate this to him.

We miss and love you, Lolo. You will always be remembered.

Siquijor 2018 Solo Travel: People, Places, Experiences

Solo travel is not just about visiting new places and exploring new destinations – it’s also about meeting new people, trying out new experiences, and looking at a certain way of life from a different perspective. Being brave, going out of my comfort zone, doing things I wouldn’t normally do, and trying to live out my mantra – to be willing to try everything at least once in my life.

Siquijor 2018 Day 1: The Mountain Tour

Pristine beaches, magnificent waterfalls, and historical edifices – Siquijor is visited for all of these attractions. And when you go farther from the coast, you’d discover even more natural spots and interesting destinations that make this island truly unique.

Siquijor: Sweeter the Second Time Around

I have been to this island back in 2016, and that trip offered me a glimpse of all the treasures this island holds – so many things to see and experience. But since my last trip was only for 2 days and 1 night, I had to go back to actually experience all the things I didn’t get to try the first time. So for my solo trip this 2018, I decided to visit Siquijor again.

Day Hike: Mt. Ulap, Itogon, Benguet

Sunny days are almost over, but the itch to climb mountains isn’t. So with high hopes that there won’t be rain amid this unpredictable weather, I invited a cousin to go join a group of trekkers bound for Benguet, a trip that was supposed to happen during the last weekend of July but was moved to the first weekend of August because, yes, the rain. Despite the reschedule, we said yes – and off we went to climb Mt. Ulap!