Always Summer in Boracay

Rainy days are here, but traces of summer still linger. I spent last weekend in Boracay in yet another office event planned by our team—3 days and 2 nights at the Savoy Hotel in Newcoast with visits to the main stations. The trip gave me the opportunity to revisit the many things and places I love about Bora.

Gratchi’s Getaway, Tagaytay

Summer’s almost over, but who says you can’t still go on that group activity you’ve long been planning? This post is about another team building facility – Gratchi’s Getaway in Tagaytay. If you’re looking for a good location in the South, this one’s a good choice.

Day Trip in Daranak Falls

Just a few hours away from Manila, Daranak Falls is one of the perfect locations you can escape to for a weekend of relaxation and fun. Enjoy the cool waters, get some leg work-up by hiking, or simply find a spot to chill while feasting on the beauty of the scenery.

New Discovery: Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

Looking for a new place to eat? If you’re in the Las Pinas area, you may want to take some time away from your usual dining favorites to discover a new gastronomic adventure inside the BF International Village. Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen promises to make your time worthwhile with its comfort Italian offerings.

Spending an Afternoon in Eden Nature Park, Davao

Considered one of the safest cities in the Philippines, one of the cities with the most honest taxi drivers, and one of the model cities in the country when it comes to its smoking ban – these are just some of the acclaims of the city of Davao. Other than all these, however, Davao is also home to a wide array of some of the most interesting and visit-worthy destinations in the country, including the Eden Nature Park.

Kicking Off the 2017 Summer in Bicol (Part 4): Mayon ATV

Bicol has been seeing a lot of developments in terms of tourism during the past few years, and I’m really glad to see my hometown emerge as a top tourist destination in the Philippines. It makes me realize just how beautiful my home is, and it makes me want to get to know it even more – one adventure at a time. Mayon ATV was my latest Bicol adventure the last time I was there.