Spending an Afternoon in Eden Nature Park, Davao

Considered one of the safest cities in the Philippines, one of the cities with the most honest taxi drivers, and one of the model cities in the country when it comes to its smoking ban – these are just some of the acclaims of the city of Davao. Other than all these, however, Davao is also home to a wide array of some of the most interesting and visit-worthy destinations in the country, including the Eden Nature Park.

Kicking Off the 2017 Summer in Bicol (Part 4): Mayon ATV

Bicol has been seeing a lot of developments in terms of tourism during the past few years, and I’m really glad to see my hometown emerge as a top tourist destination in the Philippines. It makes me realize just how beautiful my home is, and it makes me want to get to know it even more – one adventure at a time. Mayon ATV was my latest Bicol adventure the last time I was there.

Kicking Off the 2017 Summer in Bicol (Part 3): Swimming with the Whale Sharks

Donsol is just one of the many quaint towns in Sorsogon. It is home to sweet-natured, friendly, and simple Sorsoganons who enjoy a quiet and peaceful life with just the right mix of the earth and the sea. Come summer, however, Donsol also becomes a home to a magnificent species of sea creatures who migrate to the area around March to May – the whale sharks. During my recent vacation in Sorsogon, I was able to experience a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with these gentle giants.

I’M Onsen Spa: Quick Retreat for the Busy You

Hello, friends! I’m so glad to be back and so ecstatic to be writing again after the super busy months that went by. And as we’re all about our busy schedule, I’m returning with a post about a new place I discovered just recently right in the middle of the city – I’M Onsen Spa.