Coron, Palawan 2015: Where to Eat in Coron

There are various restaurants and dining places in Coron, and most of them are in the town proper and within walking distance from each other–it’s easy to find a place to dine in. During our stay, our breakfasts were included in the package, so we only had to dine out for lunch and dinner.

We only tried two places outside because some of our meals, we ordered from Coron Eco Lodge because we were tired from the activities and chose not to go out.


Kaison Restaurant Coron

This is a Chinese Restaurant where we had lunch on our first day in Coron. We found this just by randomly walking around town.

Coron Public Market

This is the public market in Coron.

Backstory: We were initially informed there’s a Paluto Place near Coron Eco Lodge, so we first went there since we wanted to eat seafood. We were advised to go to the public market (one tricycle ride away) to buy the raw ingredients needed. However, the market was almost empty when we arrived (this was lunchtime), and we were told that we should have gone there in the morning. This was the reason we simply decided to find another place–and that’s how we got to Kaison.

Kaison Coron

The place was almost empty when we arrived–there was only one table occupied by diners at the time. We ordered their Hong Ba, which the server said was their version of Chinese Pork.

Hong Ba, Kaison Coron

And since we were craving for seafood, we also ordered their sizzling seafood dish.

Sizzling Seafood, Kaison Coron

The food was good. The place was also okay, although there were quite a lot of flies when we were there. The servers were polite, although they seem to need a bit more training in customer service.

Los Guapos

Los Guapos Restaurant, Coron

This is a small Mexican joint located just in front of Coron Eco Lodge. We had our dinner here on our first day.

Menu, Los Guapos Coron

After touring the town and having a swim at Maquinit Hot Springs, we went back to our lodge hungry and ready for a good meal. We ordered their chicken burrito, cheese quesadilla, and nachos.

Burrito, Los Guapos

We didn’t realize that the chicken burrito already comes with nachos, and the separate nachos we ordered was offered in a generous serving–we ended up with a still large serving of nachos for take-out.

Cheese Quesadilla, Los Guapos Coron

The place was small, but it was an open area and was not crowded. The food was also good and the serving was big.


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