Coron, Palawan 2015: Final Notes

Words won’t be enough to describe the beauty that is Coron–it has to be personally experienced. The greenery, the simplicity, the quiet… All of these contribute to the allure and charm of the place. Even rough roads led to delightful surprises. The place was so beautiful that tourists looked almost out of place–an observation that was altogether awe-inspiring and almost painful. I have to admit, there’s a small part in me that was a bit envious of the locals who get the opportunity to be in the presence of such beauty day in and day out.


Our Coron trip was among our few “package” trips; most of our previous ones were arranged DIY style. It was also one of our few pricey trips, with the Club Paradise package taking up almost 75% of our tour expense.

Looking back, from the packages that we availed, there were actually tours that could be done DIY.

The town tour is one–it’s easy to just find a tricycle and haggle over the price for touring the town. In fact, you can walk to some destinations such as the St. Augustine Church if you’re staying in the town proper. The only destination that would require a ‘tour rate’ for transportation would be Kayangan Lake. The island tour could also be pre-arranged online.

Palawan Philippines

As for Club Paradise, it’s already an all-in package. It’s above our usual travel budget, although the rate we got was already discounted because it’s lean season.

Coron Palawan Philippines

If there’s one lesson I learned in the trip, it’s the fact that you can never do enough research. Despite our tour being already pre-arranged, there were still glitches (especially in the form of unnecessary expenses) that could have been avoided had we done some more research. But I guess these lessons will all help me become a more efficient traveler in the future. Yay to more travels!



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