Malaysia-Singapore: My First Out-of-the-Country Trip

I am sort of a late bloomer when it comes to traveling. I had never left my home province, Bicol, until I was 22 years old. Never started traveling for fun until I was in my mid-‘20s. I have traveled to places around the Philippines (and loved the experience!), but I have always wanted to go someplace outside the country.

I was excited to get my first passport around 5 years ago, but it sadly expired early this year without anything on it. So when I renewed my passport, I was determined to not let it expire unused. And finally, to celebrate my 32nd birthday, I went on a trip to Malaysia and Singapore just a couple of weeks ago.


It was a 4-day (turned 5-day) trip with two travel buddies—C and her cousin Nathan. Our schedule was a bit packed, and we had some travel mishaps along the way, but we also discovered a lot of interesting things during the trip.


To start with, here’s our itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival in KL, Malaysia

Day 2: Kuala Lumpur Tour (via the KL Hop-On, Hop-Off bus)

Day 3: Travel to Singapore by bus (AM) | Universal Studios SG (PM)

Day 4: Gardens by the Bay (AM) | Travel back to KL by bus (PM)

Day 5: Last day in KL

Our Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tour

Our Short Stay in Singapore

2016 Malaysia & Singapore Travel: Some Final Notes and Reminders


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