Albay: To Be a Tourist in One’s Hometown

I am proud to have Albay as my hometown, with its peaceful way of life and all its many interesting destinations. However, I have to admit I haven’t really made much effort to explore all the treasures that this place has to offer–at least, not in the same way I have made the time to visit other places in the Philippines.


Lignon Hill with Mayon Volcano in the background

There are times when I wonder how it would feel like to see Albay from the eyes of a tourist–seeing Mayon for the first time, visiting its black sand beaches, and mingling with the locals. In this post, I’d like to list down all the lovely places of Albay that are worth a visit. Some of these places, I have already been to. Others I have never visited before–and with this post is my resolve to visit them and take some more time and effort to see more of my hometown.

So let me get on with my list:

To get a closer look of the Mayon Volcano:

  • Cagsawa Park
  • Lignon Hill
  • Mayon View Deck

To go on a religious visit:

  • Daraga Church
  • Albay Cathedral
  • Joroan, Tiwi (pilgrimage)

To get closer to nature:

  • Hoyop Hoyopan Cave
  • Kawa Kawa Hill
  • Cagraray Eco Park

To enjoy the sea, sun, and sand:

  • Vera Falls
  • Sto. Domingo beach strip
  • Busay Falls

New places to visit in Albay:

  • Sumlang Lake
  • Quitinday Hills
  • Misibis Bay

I will be visiting many of these destinations sometime soon and will write about them when I do. In the meantime, if you have anything to add to the list, feel free to do so. Marhay na aldaw! (Good day!)


5 thoughts on “Albay: To Be a Tourist in One’s Hometown

    • Hi Gilian! Maybe one way or another, we’re all tourists in our own countries or hometowns – there are always new things to discover. And I guess that’s a great thing. Cheers! 🙂

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