Dumaguete-Siquijor 2016: My (Almost) Solo Travel Experience

My Siquijor visit was just a short trip—left early on a Saturday and flew back straight to work the following Monday. And although I went there alone, I knew someone from the island, a family friend who I have not seen in more than a decade, and whom I also met and visited during my stay.


Siquijor is the third smallest province in the Philippines, a small island with only six towns that visitors can explore all in just one day.


Day 1: Arrival in Dumaguete (AM) | Boat trip to Siquijor Island (before lunch)

Day 2: Siquijor tour (AM) | Back to Dumaguete (PM)

Day 3: Back to Manila (early AM)


There’s no direct flight to Siquijor from Manila, so I flew to Dumaguete via Cebu Pacific and just took the ferry to the island. I arrived on a Saturday, and there were only three shipping lines open at the time. I was told that the other shipping lines are owned by someone whose religion is Seventh Day Adventist, so they do not operate on a Saturday.

The lines were quite long–good thing I was able to get a ticket for the 10:30 AM trip via Montenegro Lines. The travel time was approximately 1.5 hours, and I was in Siquijor by lunch time. Travel tip: Upon arrival in Siquijor, buy your return boat ticket right away.

More Detailed Stories Here:


2 thoughts on “Dumaguete-Siquijor 2016: My (Almost) Solo Travel Experience

  1. Hi Gilian! Thank you for dropping by. I remember those stories, too, but there was no creepy feeling when I was there. There were quite a lot of tourists at the time, and the place was very much alive – even at night (or at least at the resorts).


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