Out-of-Town Trip: Tagaytay

Just about a couple of hours away from Manila, Tagaytay is a quiet locality that’s still so close to nature–with its several garden resorts and spa, its scenic view of lush mountains, and the quiet and calm waters of the Taal Volcano from afar. The weather is chilly enough for those who are trying to escape the city’s heat, and the area is not yet too crowded. It’s a perfect destination for people who want a quick getaway from the city.

I have already visited Tagaytay a few times in the past, but there are still places in this area that I haven’t been to. Below are some interesting destinations for anyone planning to go to this place:

Sonya’s Garden

Sonia's Garden, Tagaytay

Being a nature-lover, I immediately liked this garden resort during my first visit. Its abundance of flowers and plants, as well as its lovely pathways that lead to various interesting facets and areas inside the garden, make the perfect setting for a soulful retreat while also creating a dramatic backdrop for picture-taking.

Sonia's Garden, Tagaytay

Sonya’s Garden is famous for its restaurant and its organic menu, as well as its relaxing spa services. For guests who want to stay overnight, there are also villas inside the garden. And, there’s a gift shop for visitors who want to buy pasalubong for their friends back home.


People’s Park in the Sky

For those who haven’t been to Tagaytay, this place is a park located in a summit in Tagaytay. It’s a former mansion called Palace in the Sky, built during the Marcos era. Construction was not finished, and the mansion was later converted into what it is now.

People's Park in the Sky, Tagaytay

The view here is breathtaking. Even if the location is a bit remote and the travel is long, the beauty of the place definitely makes up for the inconvenience. It gets a bit cold here towards late afternoon, which makes walking around and exploring more enjoyable.

People's Park in the SkyPeople’s Park is a great souvenir spot, too. There are various stalls that offer different items.

Picnic Grove

I have been to this place only once, and I found that there’s not much to see here. I think the only interesting attraction in the area is horseback riding, although we did not try it because the ponies looked skinny and weak. 😦 I’d love to try horseback riding next time, although I’d like to find info on how the ponies are being taken cared of–I’m hoping that they’re healthy.

Other Things to Do in Tagaytay :

  • Visit Sky Ranch
  • Ride a boat to Taal and climb to the top of the volcano
  • Go on a day of pampering at Nurture Spa
  • Go on a food trip in Tagaytay’s various restaurants

If you have other suggestions, I would love to hear them. 🙂


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