Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

Sky Ranch is the only destination of its kind in Tagaytay–a park with several rides and other attractions designed to delight both kids and adults. 

The place is just one jeepney ride from Olivares. During our visit a few years back, the rides in the park were still just a few, although more attractions were being added and some areas in the park were continuously being developed.

Most of the rides are for kids. For adults, they have the Sky Eye (ferris wheel, the tallest in the Philippines), the Super Viking (a gondola that swings back and forth–up to 90 degrees), and a small roller coaster. For kids, they have the usual carousel, a Mini Viking, and other smaller rides. There’s also an area for horseback riding, although it didn’t look that much at the time because the area was small.

We were able to try a couple of rides: Super Viking (Php100 each) and Sky Eye (Php150 each).

I usually enjoy gondola rides (tried one in Enchanted Kingdom way back, called Anchors Away), although they’re a bit scary. I was a little adamant to try Super Vikings because I could still remember the queasy feeling in my stomach every time I would ride Anchors Away. But since we were there to have fun and to sort of conquer our fears, off I went.

vikings - sky ranch, tagaytay

Sky Ranch’s Super Vikings

Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t enjoyable. It was a bit too much. The ride was very long and exhausting. The peak, which was supposed to be the scary-but-exciting part, went on for too long, until the excitement was replaced by dizziness, a bit of nausea, and yes, that queasy feeling in the stomach. I started feeling anticipation, then I went to being excited, then nervous(this for quite a  while), then numb (I was trying to imagine I was flying so I could distract myself), and finally queasy. No fun for more. Maybe more adventurous folks would love it (it’s not only longer but also higher), but it was a bit tiring for me.

We went out for lunch and then went back in for Sky Eye afterwards (no need to pay another Php50 entrance fee; we just had our wrists stamped at the exit when we left). The line to the Sky Eye was a bit long, but it moved fast. The compartments are spacious and airconditioned. And during our visit, the staff did not necessarily fill them–good thing! So if you’re just 2 or 3 in the group, you can still have the whole compartment to yourself. The ride, though, was a bit short, just one loop, approximately 10 minutes. The view from the top is great; you can see the surrounding areas and the Taal Lake from afar and enjoy a quiet moment away from the crowd.

the eye - sky ranch, tagaytay

Sky Ranch’s The Eye

After the ride, we roamed around to take pictures and explore. It was a Sunday, so there were a lot of people. The experience was fun, overall, although I think it’s the kids who would enjoy here more.

Note: They don’t allow food from outside (not even water), so you will have to buy your snacks inside. They have cottages for rent, although they’re more for family use, especially those who plan to spend a whole day in the park.

For updates on the new rides you can try in Sky Ranch, CLICK HERE.


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