Bali Seafood Paluto, Tagaytay

Our trip to this restaurant in Tagaytay happened on the same day we visited Sky Ranch. We didn’t really plan to go to a ‘paluto’ place since there are already so many ‘dampa’ here in Manila. However, our dizzying Super Viking ride (refer to previous post) made us crave for some comfort, familiar food.

So, off we went looking for one of the ‘paluto’ places that we passed by earlier, and we found ourselves here. The place looks great. It has an atmosphere of rustic elegance. And despite the many people already there when we arrived, it didn’t feel at all crowded.

Right upon entering the place, we came across a selection of fresh seafood. They’re sold by the kilo, and the price is already inclusive of cooking fee. The serving is also big, and we realized the food we ordered were quite too much for us.

Here are some of their specialty:

Crab in coconut oil. If there’s one reason we chose a seafood place, it would be this. Too bad they didn’t have female crabs at the time (crab fat!), but we ordered a male crab anyway. As always, heaven!

Maya-maya sinigang sa miso. This was perfect for the cold Tagaytay weather. The soup was thick and the fish head was meaty. The serving was quite big for 2 people.

Buttered shrimp. I used to love shrimp, but I didn’t really enjoy this one. The taste is a bit bland (maybe we should have opted for ‘halabas’ instead of buttered), and the butter was a bit cake-y (probably because of the cold weather).

Sisig. I’m not so much of a Sisig fan, but I loved the way they cooked this–the mix of flavors created a pleasing taste.

The restaurant has a small band, composed of 3 singers and instrumentalists, that goes from table to table to serenade diners. They play old and new songs, and they also accept song requests.

Address: Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay City. You can ride a jeepney bound for Sky Ranch in Olivares. You’ll pass by this place, on the left side of the road.

(Note: photo taken from Our Melting Pot Tagaytay)


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