Summer in Subic, Sorsogon

Imagine a less crowded Boracay—fine white sand, pristine beach and clear water, calm waves, quiet island location… That is what Subic Beach is.


Located one boat ride away from Matnog, Sorsogon, Subic Beach is an ideal island destination during summer. I’d been here only once, back in 2012 together with cousins and friends, and it’s a place I’d love to revisit, given the chance.

Travel to Subic Beach


Sorsogon is about 2-3 hours ride from Albay, and approximately 14-15 hours bus ride from Manila. If you’re coming to this beach, you will need to disembark in Matnog, find the port, and charter a boat to Subic Island—the rate is at around Php1500 to Php2000.

Subic Island Accommodation, Food, and Activities


There aren’t a lot of amenities in the island, so don’t expect first-class resorts. There are plain cottages and bathrooms, and you can also rent a small open house for overnight stay, but you might have to downgrade a bit if you’re used to airconditioned rooms with complete furnishing. Another option would be to just bring and pitch a tent on the shore.


As for food, the market located at the port is the place to visit. Most of the produce here is cheap, and you can buy fresh seafood and vegetables and just cook them once you’re in the island. You can also arrange for the food to be cooked by one of the locals in Subic Beach for a fee. Just let your contacts know in advance so they can prepare everything.


As for activities, there aren’t a lot of options. And that’s a good thing, because you won’t need any. The water is tempting enough and you will most likely spend your time lounging in the sand, sunbathing, or getting your dose of the water. You may also do a little snorkeling and diving, although you will have to bring your own gear to do these.



On the way to the island, you might make a side trip to the Juag Fish Sanctuary. Here you can enjoy looking at fishes of different species and sizes; you may even get a chance to feed them (you can buy fish food right in the sanctuary). Swimming with the fishes is another interesting activity here; just be sure you don’t apply sunblock, as the staff won’t allow you to swim if you have sunblock on.

If you’re looking for an uncrowded and quiet summer destination, Subic Beach is worth a visit.


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