Paguriran Island, Sorsogon: A Hidden Gem in Bicol

Our travel to Paguriran took place around the same time we visited Subic Beach. It was the summer of 2012. I was with family and friends. And we decided to take the 3-hour road trip from our hometown in Albay in order to visit these hidden gems in Sorsogon.

After our group left Subic Island, three of us decided to stay for a visit to Paguriran the following day. The island is located in Bacon, Sorsogon, tucked in a remote location accessible via jeepney.


A view of Paguriran from the shore

Paguriran is not really an island. It’s more a collection of craggy rocks that form a lagoon at the center. Imagine clear and cool water surrounded by rocks of different sizes in the middle of the sea–it’s a different world out there. The place is even more unique in that it is difficult to reach during high tide because the surrounding ocean can get neck-deep. However, come low tide, the surrounding water disappears and you will find the lagoon is just a few walks away from the shore.



We arrived in this place early in the morning, with swim clothes but with no food except for the bread and pancit that we bought before we rode the jeepney. We were hoping to just find lunch somewhere in the area. There weren’t too many stores; even the houses were few and far between. There were more trees in the place than houses. Jeepneys, the common mode of transportation in the place, were also few—the interval of their arrival could be a bit longer than usual.


When we arrived in the resort, we were the only guests around, although there were some locals who were swimming. The rate was very cheap. We were able to rent the bamboo cottage for Php100 (whole day), and the owner offered to cook lunch for us for a fee—we had fried fish, fish soup with camote tops, and a pot of steaming rice.


The place initially looked unassuming, nothing above the ordinary. However, when we had a chance to explore the lagoon and experience its calm and cool water, we were pleasantly delighted and soon found out that it was a unique experience that no other island or lagoon could offer.


Paguriran from the shore


Low tide finally comes.

Paguriran is not a typical tourist destination. There is a certain wildness and ruggedness in the place, which actually adds to its charm. It has a sort of a raw feel to me. It seems like it’s not really trying to ‘market’ itself to tourists—it just exists, a hidden gem for only a few people to discover. And I’m really glad to be one of those few who did.


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