2017: A Better, Brighter Year Ahead

These are the promises I’m making to myself this year—improved commitment to the things I’m passionate about in order to fully live my life:

Seeing More of the World


Most of the posts I have in this blog are travel-related, a recollection of some of my previous travels written to document memories as well as help other DIY travelers plan their adventures. Seeing new places has always been one of my stronger interests, and I plan to see my country and see the world, learn new cultures, meet new people, and try new experiences, one place at a time.

This year, I will continue to post about my upcoming travels and some of my previous other travels. I hope you will continue to join me in my adventures.

Earth Warrior


I’d like to think of myself as a sort of Earth Warrior, someone dedicated to protecting Mother Earth by conservation and preservation, translated into simple and practical actions through my daily choices and decisions. I am deeply passionate about the issue of climate change and in its prevention, and I am interested in exploring ways to reverse climate change and keep our world a safe place to live in.

I will be exploring ways to live green in some of my upcoming posts, sharing with you my experiences as I try to practice a greener lifestyle and reduce my carbon footprint.

Small, Aloof, and Animal Welfare


Photo courtesy of onsizzle.com.

I grew up in a farm where animals are daily parts of life. From the carabao that my Lolo (grandfather) used in farming and the chickens that roamed our yard, to the dogs that guarded our home and the cat that kept the mice population in our barn low, I grew up with all these sorts of pets as companion. I remember at one time, we even had a turtle. Growing in this kind of environment, I grew up fond of animals.

And even when I finally realized upon growing up that most of the animals that we grew here were chosen for practical reasons, I have already learned to love them in a non-practical way and have grown to have a natural affinity with these living creatures (down to the smallest of them, such as insects). Even when I went away, I would always light up when I see an animal. And when I saw a chance to adopt Small and Aloof, stray cats who roamed our previous apartment, I took the chance (and I’m thankful that I did).

Right now, I am deeply interested in being a part of an organization dedicated to the care of stray animals. I used to volunteer in the past, but stopped due to schedule conflicts. I am currently trying to find ways to go back to volunteering, although I am still to adjust my schedule to fit in this additional activity. In some of my upcoming posts, I will be writing about animals and animal welfare as I explore ways to help and create a positive impact in this area.

Pen and Paper

Short stories, poetry, reflections—these are my dreams. I love ideas and ideals, make believe, the sounds that rhyming words make, and the wonderful feeling brought about by the process of creation. This 2017, this blog will be my canvas as I devote more time to forming, creating, and bringing to life worlds from words.

I proclaim great things happening this 2017. The best is yet to come. Let’s journey together.


Photo courtesy of FreePik


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