I’M Onsen Spa: Quick Retreat for the Busy You

Located inside the I’M Onsen Hotel in Makati Avenue, the entire spa actually spans six floors of the building. A complete experience includes access to the sauna, steam, and onsen facility; your choice of massage with complementary tea served in their tea lounge area, as well as a buffet meal. It’s a complete experience designed to take your stress away.


Photo courtesy of the I’M Onsen Spa Website

The Onsen

The facility includes a sauna, steam room, and the actual onsen, with separate areas for male and female. Upon registration, each guest is given a wristband locker key that will allow her access to her own locker containing the yukata (kimono), towels, and slippers. The wristband is required to be worn at all times, and no phones or cameras are allowed while using the onsen.

Complete guide can be found here: http://www.imonsenspa.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/ONsen-Manner-A4-012317.pdf

The Massage

The spa offers several types of massage, from bull body massages to massages focusing on specific parts of the body. There are several suites that guests can choose from to have their own massage – from executive to couple’s suites. The massage area has an exclusive and peaceful feel to it, with its own receiving areas and soft lighting, and one that would make you forget you’re still in the city.

There are other treatments and add-ons available such as facials, body scrubs, herbal baths, hair treatments, even mani and pedi.

After the massage, guests are treated to an herbal tea served in their Tea Lounge that overlooks the surrounding city – a cozy way to end the relaxing experience before enjoying a sumptuous meal.

The Buffet

The buffet area is located on the top floor of the spa, and guests can choose between a lunch or dinner buffet. They have a great selection of dishes – from Filipino food to Korean food, Japanese food, Italian food, etc. Tip for travelers: arrive a bit earlier if availing of the dinner buffet so that you can still enjoy the complete food selection available.

I’M Onsen Spa still offers their introductory promo as of writing this entry – a complete package including use of the onsen facility, 60-minute massage, and buffet for only Php1500 (Mon to Thu) or Php1800 (Fri-Sun).

If you’re caught up in a busy schedule but want a quick retreat from the city without having to go far, I’M Onsen Spa is worth a try. J

Website: http://www.imonsenspa.com/


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