Kicking Off the 2017 Summer in Bicol (Part 4): Mayon ATV

I’ve talked of the Mayon Volcano in the past as something that’s always been in the background while I was growing up – something to gaze on, admire, and be proud of. I’ve always wanted to climb it, to hike to its peak, but I haven’t done this yet (someday soon, I promise).

It’s a good thing that there are other activities now in Cagsawa Park that allows a level of interaction with Mayon that’s more than just gazing on it – the Mayon ATV trail. Various trails have been formed in and around the volcano and the Cagsawa Park to allow visitors to explore lava trails and the lush vegetation in the area. During our last visit in Bicol, this was our last stop before going home to our families.

It was a little late in the afternoon, around 4-5pm, when we headed to Cagsawa Park to check out the ATV facilities. There are various rental stores in the area, and there are also several trails to choose from. We selected the combo trail at P999.00, one that takes about an hour to an hour and a half to complete, and one that goes around the Cagsawa Park.

Cagsawa ATV Trail Mayon

All ready for the adventure.

We each were given helmets and assigned an ATV unit to drive and a guide to lead us. We the started with some practice driving to get a feel of the unit that we’d be driving, and then off we went – passing by plain grassy lands, one that snaked in and out with various turns, rocky areas, and some other areas with water. There were parts in the trail that required some seemingly dangerous stunts, such as going down a steep path straight into the water, or various large rocks that made navigating a nerve-wracking experience.

During the entire drive, we made several stops to simply admire the view and take photos. We also met several other adventurers along the way. And despite a couple of mis-drives that left me stuck and needing of the assistance of our guide, the experience was one of a kind.

Mayon ATV

We conquered the Mayon ATV trail!

It’s perfect for those who are looking for a nature adventure, or those who want a kick of adrenaline to add excitement to their nature or historical trip. And after the drive, you can explore the Cagsawa Park or simply look around for souvenirs. Cheers! 🙂


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