Spending an Afternoon in Eden Nature Park, Davao

Davao is one of the places I’ve always wanted to visit but never had the chance – yet. Fortunately, one of our recent events last month took me here one weekend. And although we spent most of that weekend holed up in our hotel because of a training I was helping in, we had a chance to visit a few places after the event. Our first stop – Eden Nature Park.

Eden Nature Park Davao

When Nature Meets Adventure – this was one of Eden’s slogans. And indeed, the place offers a combo of both. It’s an 8-hectare resort that boasts of several facilities highlighting its bests. Our first activity here was a visit to its rides: the Sky Swing (a version of the Drop Zone that we tried in Dahilayan Nature Park in CDO – the Drop Zone was better, though), the Sky Cycle (biking suspended in the air, Sky Rider (zipline), etc. Eden also offers horse riding, though I would not promote it here. Aside from my natural aversion to any activity where an animal is used for commercial purposes, the area for exploring on horseback was actually very limited. Better skip this one.

Rainbow Pass Eden Nature Park

Aside from the rides, we were also able to explore various parts of the park on a Day Tour Pass. Aboard their open shuttle, we were able to visit several areas of the park – the Flower Garden, the Rainbow Pass, its Hydroponics Greenhouse, and other areas. We got to see their wild deer, passed by the Fishing Village, and got a chance to see a tribal performance of some local kids.

Eden Nature Park

There are many other areas in the park which we were unable to visit – a complete exploration requires probably a day or two. If you’re in Davao and are looking for an adventure close to nature, Eden Nature Park is not to miss.


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