Epic Parc Rainforest Camp: Your Next Team Building Destination

It was one summer day when we headed to Epic Parc as advance party for a boot camp that our team at work helped organize. The drive was long, about 3 to 4 hours. The actual location was also remote – the nearest fast food chain was around 30 minutes away.

Epic Parc Tanay

Welcome to Epic Parc Rainforest Camp!

Arriving at the place, we were greeted by a lush green scenery – a wide expanse of trees and plants that make up most of this place. There’s a vast team building area composed of a low ropes and a high ropes section, a mud slide, a roofed basketball court, an open amphitheater that serves as a bonfire area, barracks-style dorms and rooms, a dining area, and lots of grassy land.

Welcome to Epic Parc!
Epic Parc

Calm and peaceful. Epic Parc offers a peaceful retreat from the busy city.

Epic Parc is ideal not only for team buildings but also retreats. One of the interesting sections in the area is its lit Rosary Trail, a place for prayer, meditation, and reflection. There’s also a camping area for guests who want a true feel of nature.

Epic Parc caters to groups, families, and friends. It’s also just a few minutes away from Daranak Falls, which will be the topic of my next post. See yah!

NOTE: Some photos are courtesy of Epic Parc’s Facebook Page.


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