Day Trip in Daranak Falls

A trip to Daranak Falls was one of the final activities we had during the Boot Camp that I talked about in my previous post. Located in Tanay, Rizal, the falls is nestled amidst an abundance of greens – trees, grasses, plants… It is surrounded by lush vegetation, and the water from above falls into a clear and deep lagoon that welcomes visitors.

Daranak Falls is located inside a resort, which houses not just Daranak but also the Batlag Falls and the Calinawan Cave. Entrance fee is P50 per guest. I didn’t get a chance to explore the cave, but I was able to check out both falls (though I was not able to swim at the time since I was part of the boot camp’s organizing committee).

daranak rizal

Guests are welcomed by natural scenery, and access to the cottage area and the main falls is through a wooden bridge situated high above the ground. Cottages abound for those who want to stay for an entire day, each available for rent at around P300 each. Check out a couple of photos of Daranak Falls in all its glory:

daranak falls

daranak tanay

Batlag Falls is a long way up, accessible via a hike. It has a separate entrance fee at P100 per guest. The location is a bit more private, and there is a pool nearby where guests can also swim. There are also cottages within the vicinity of Batlag for guests who want to spend their whole day there.

batlag falls

Daranak Falls is typically packed on weekends – it was almost crowded when we were there (note: photos don’t depict the crowd, as these were taken during our ocular, which was on a weekday). There’s no reservation, so better come early to get a good spot and a cottage near the falls.

There are stores outside the resort, and a few inside, to cater to guests. The location is not very accessible (though there are jeepneys and vans that ply the route). A private vehicle would be a good option for those who are visiting.

It’s a great weekend destination for those who want a quick day trip with family or friends. I’m sure I’ll be visiting it one of these days for a swim.


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