Gratchi’s Getaway, Tagaytay

Gratchi’s Getaway is a team building facility in Tagaytay, a spacious farm resort tucked in a remote location in an area somewhere along the Tagaytay-Calamba Road. This is another facility we went to for our office team building, held last year. The farm is designed for hosting group activities such as team buildings, and it features several amenities that will test everyone’s endurance, willpower, and strength.

gratchi's getaway tagaytay

Map of Gratchi’s Getaway. All photos in this post are from Gratchi’s website.

There are several challenges that await players and participants. Some of the challenges we had to go through during our team building activity are the following:

High Ropes. This is a section in the farm composed of a series of hanging rods and bridges suspended in the air that players have to tackle and cross.

high ropes - gratchi's getaway, tagaytay

high ropes - gratchi's getaway, tagaytay

Obstacle Course. This section is composed of ground obstacles that will test the physical strength of players. Take a look at these:

obstacle course - gratchi's getaway, tagaytay

mud crawl - obstacle course (gratchi's getaway, tagaytay)

The facilitators/marshalls were experienced and confident, so safety is guaranteed. Aside from its team building facility, the farm also houses a wide range of animals. They have a spotted pig, a three-legged monkey, several caged ostriches, chickens, and geese.

They also have a monkey tied to a suspended bamboo post right near the entrance (one of the first things new guests would see). There were two pieces of bamboo suspended above the entry gate towards the farm’s inner area, with one of the bamboos located higher than the other. The monkey was chained on the upper bamboo, and the chain was loose so that the monkey could run from one end of the lower bamboo to its other end (where a small house for the monkey was located). Although this was cute, I felt a bit sad about that monkey.

I asked the person at the front desk if the monkey is taken off its chain at night, and she told me no, it stays there day and night. It’s a good thing the monkey can still run along the bamboo and has a small house to protect it from the sun and the rain, but I think it would be more humane to provide a medium-sized open-air cage for it with tree trunks and tree branches for the monkey to climb on freely (instead of chaining it and limiting its mobility).

Besides this concern, I was happy with Gratchi’s overall. It’s one of the good places for conducting group activities without having to go far.


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