Savoy Hotel in Newcoast Boracay

Savoy Hotel is one of the several hotels being developed in Newcoast, Boracay. A condominium hotel tucked inside a resort that is just 3 minutes’ walk from its own beach, Savoy boasts of first-class amenities that will leave guests feeling pampered and cozy.

The entire 6-storey condominium is not yet fully built; one part of the building is still undergoing final construction. Once fully built, the hotel will have a total of 559 rooms and several establishments—shops, dining centers, and more.

savoy hotel boracay

Two large and long pools and an outdoor jacuzzi make for a nice and relaxing stay. One of the pools is built to become the country’s first pool arena, and this was where we had our foam party—and it was a blast! The floating giant inflated balloons were also a nice touch and made for a fun pool swim.

The buffet at Savoy Café consisted of a great selection of dishes, from classic Filipino delicacies to delectable Japanese offerings. The café overlooks one of the large pools through glass walls, and there are also tables and chairs near the pool for those who want to soak in the sun while having their breakfast.

savoy cafe buffet boracay

And to lose all those calories after bingeing on the café’s various offerings, guests can work out at the gym for a few minutes. Taking a walk on the beach is also a good idea, especially in the early mornings. The beach is 3 minutes’ walk from the hotel, but there are also shuttles that can bring and fetch guests to and from the area. Check out this scenery:

beach savoy newcoast

savoy hotel beach

The rooms in Savoy are well-equipped, not too big but spacious enough. The veranda overlooks the pools and provide guests with a lovely view. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this?

savoy hotel boracay newcoast

savoy boracay newcoast

The hotel is located a bit far from Stations 1-3, but there are Savoy shuttles traveling from the hotel to D-Mall, and back, every 30 minutes. Guests who are looking for privacy will surely enjoy the exclusivity and the complete amenities offered by Savoy Hotel. Try it on your next Boracay visit! 🙂


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