Boracay Pub Crawl: Turning Strangers into Friends

“Turning strangers into friends.” This is actually the tagline of the official Pub Crawl provider in Boracay. And indeed it delivers. Joining a pub crawl involves joining a big group of up to 250 strangers, some of whom may very well become your friends (or at least drinking buddies) by the time the session ends way into the dawn the following day.

boracay pubcrawl

Freebies! All photos courtesy of

Pub Crawl Fee: P990


  • Pub Crawl T-Shirt
  • Pub Crawl Baller
  • A shot glass
  • Stub to each of the bars you’d visit that would entitle you to a free shot (total of 10)

Some Reminders:

  • Arrive early at the venue so that you’ll have time to have your t-shirt customized according to your own style.
  • Prepare to walk. Pub crawl is dubbed a ‘moving party,’ and you’ll be hopping from one bar to another—and some of these bars will be a bit far from each other.
  • Prepare to meet a LOT of people—foreigners, locals, etc. There will be lots of conversations and dancing, games that will allow you to mingle with the pub crawlers in your group, and there might even be (friendly) hugging.
  • Know your alcohol limit. Aside from the shots you’ll be drinking at the bars you’ll visit, your captains and co-captains will be carrying bottles of drinks and will be giving shots while you are on your way to your destinations. If you don’t want literally crawling by the end of the night, pace your shots and know when to stop.
  • Expect photos of your night out posted on the internet.
  • Prepare for a contingency plan for when you, or one of your friends, get really drunk. At the very least, know how to get back to your hotel safely.

pubcrawling in boracay

Pub crawling is a great way to meet new people and enjoy your dose of nightlife in Boracay for one night. For more of their photos, you may check out their website and Facebook page:


Facebook Page:


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