Boracay Adventures: Helmet Diving and Parasailing

My first-ever visit to Boracay was back in 2013, and I remember wanting to try everything that I could during that visit. Parasailing was at the top of my list.

We were able to find a package online that offered a combination of several activities, although we found out upon arrival in Boracay that tour providers are everywhere in the island. The advantage with booking online and in advance was we were able to find a cheaper package . We opted to try two activities that we hadn’t tried before:

Helmet Diving

I remember as a child, I had a dream of living underwater together with sea creatures. Of course I don’t dream that dream anymore, but I still want to get any chance I can to experience that world. And off the coast of Boracay, there’s teeming wildlife underwater just waiting to be explored.

So we went on the boat that would take us to the helmet diving station, which was a raft anchored to rocks under the sea, and then got ready for the adventure. The hardest part was putting on the metal head gear because of the weight–it weighed 30kg in actuality, but only 5kg underwater… Still heavy.

Once we were underwater, however, I forgot about the heavy weight when we finally got to see the fishes up close. We had some crackers with us, and the fish would feed on our hands. There was a photographer underwater who took photos and videos, which they transferred to a CD and provided to us (for pick-up the following day) as part of the package. The entire helmet diving experience took about 30 minutes, after which we proceeded to the next station for parasailing.

helmet diving boracay

Photo isn’t so good, but this is a glimpse of what’s underwater. Really cool.


This was one of the highlights of my first trip to Boracay, and one I would highly recommend. I’m blessed to have no fear of heights whatsoever, so I was able to really enjoy this. We rode the parasail, which was in a motor boat, and were assisted by guides as we were slowly suspended in the air, all while the motor boat was running to pull us.

Here’s a photo:

parasailing boracay

Up, up, and away!

The experience up there was one of a kind. The view was glorious, with the sea extending miles and miles and the sky dotted by many other colorful balloons that were the other parasailers. We stayed suspended in the sky for around 15 minutes, tethered to the motor boat and being gently swayed by the wind. It was a peaceful experience, being far away from it all and being one with nature–it was 15 minutes of being in another world. It’s a must try!

For all other activities available to try in Boracay, I found this list:



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