Spending a Day in Ariel’s Point, Boracay

Cliff diving, kayaking, snorkeling, plus lots of food and drinks – these are some of the things to enjoy at Ariel’s Point. It’s a small rock island that’s around 45 minutes away from the main island of Boracay by boat, and there’s a daily group tour that guests can join for around P2500 per pax.

Assembly is around 10:00-11:00 am at Ariel’s House, where a short briefing is conducted prior to the tour. Rubber ballers are also distributed, colored differently according to boat assignment. Around 11:00 am, the boats depart to Ariel’s Point.

Ariels Point Boracay

One of the fun parts about the trip was the abundance of drinks, both soda and beer–drinks were free-flowing and they really encourage everyone. I remember during our visit in 2013, there was a running joke at the boat that goes something like… The more you drink, the higher you jump in the Ariel’s Point cliff (although the importance of safety was highlighted several times).

Upon arrival in Ariel’s Point, guests are free to find an area they can occupy. Depending on the day of the visit, there might be a crowd so prepare to find and snag your own area the moment you arrive. The first activity upon arrival was lunch (and of course, free drinks!).

Ariel's Point

The cliffs are of different heights, and the more courageous guests can jump from the highest cliff. Everyone is provided with life jackets for safety, and there’s also a lifeguard at the bottom of the cliff, ready to assist those who have jumped. A free floating raft serves as a resting area after the exhilarating adventure.

Other activities to try: snorkeling and kayaking.

The entire experience was a fun one, although we did not try cliff jumping because we were a bit scared and it was a bit crowded in the jump-off area–there was a long line, which is to be expected during peak season. If you want to see just how fun it is, though, here’s a video I found in Youtube. Check it out HERE.

Everything was great. Our only complaint at the time was the short time of the tour. We arrived around 12 noon, had lunch, did some snorkeling, and before we knew it the guides were already calling and informing us that we were about to leave in a few minutes (that was around 3:00 pm). We left at around 4:00 pm and were back in Boracay by 5:00 pm. We felt the time was too short. Overall, though, it was a good experience.

Insider Tip: Buy your tickets and make your reservations in advance (at least one day before your planned tour) to ensure that you will have slots.

Website: http://www.arielspoint.com/


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