Food Trip Boracay

During my last 3 visits to Boracay, apart from dining in the resorts we stayed in or trying some of the many restaurants in the area, I found myself often seeking out some of the same comfort food that I discovered on my first visit and previously only heard about or read about online. Here are my favorites:

Jonah’s Shake

jonahs shake boracay

It might be overrated, having been mentioned in almost all of the articles that talk about food (or drinks) in Boracay, but Jonah’s shake never disappoints. The place, located along the beach somewhere between Stations 1 and 2, are always overflowing with guests—waiting time could be long, so patience is a must.

There are tables and chairs for guests who prefer to enjoy their shake (or the other meals offered by Jonah’s) inside the establishment, although it can get crowded in there. During our last visit, I noticed that the way they do business is still old school—a member of the staff takes the order and writes them on a small piece of paper, and then the computation of order is also manual (perhaps one of the factors causing the long wait time).

But as they say, it’s the taste that matters. Jonah’s offers a large selection of flavors, from fruity to milky and chocolatey. My favorite has always been avocado, but it was not available during our last visit. I opted to try their version with chocolate, peanut butter, and banana, and it also tasted good.


Chori Burger

This one is sold in stalls and can be found almost anywhere along the shore—just take a walk and you’re bound to find one, sold together with barbecues and isaw.

chori burger boracay

Photo courtesy of Guiltless Getaways

This burger is like any other burger in most respect, except the filling used is not patty but chorizo. Both the chorizos and the buns are grilled, and then the meat is topped with a spicy sweet sauce. The first time I tried it, I couldn’t get enough—the flavor was real pleasing to the taste buds.

There are other variations that may include eggs and some vegetables like tomatoes, but I find the basic chori burger to be the best one yet.

Calamansi Muffin

This one is the perfect baon from Boracay that you can share with your family and friends back in the city. It’s a unique Boracay specialty that can be found in Real Coffee and Tea Café.’

calamansi muffin boracay

I have found that not all my friends like the taste of this muffin—some of them find it too sour. As for me, though, I love its tangy taste. The muffin is offered at P60 per piece, or P350 for a box of six pieces. It is also very popular in Boracay, and it’s not easy to buy a box or two during your first visit—you will need to make a reservation at least a day before your purchase.

Real Coffee and Tea Café is located in Station 2. If you’re coming from inside D’Mall and going to the beach area, turn left upon emerging from D’Mall and keep walking. The café is beside Sea World.

Do you have other must-try food in Boracay? Please share them in the comments section. Thanks! 🙂


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