Human Nature: Green Product Alternatives

From household cleaners to make-up, I found the products I was looking for in Human Nature.


My Capsule Wardrobe Experience

37 pieces of clothing in 3 months. I first came across this idea while I was doing some online reading on how to declutter and reduce my stuff. Tried it last year for 2 quarters and made some interesting discoveries and realizations.

Green Decorating: Some Ideas to Consider

Responsible holiday decorating? It’s not only beneficial for the environment; it’s also great for mental health. Dealing with tons of leftover decors after the holiday can be stressful, so planning ahead is crucial in ensuring a peaceful and smooth celebration.

Going Green on the Road: Tales of My Attempts at Being an Earth-Friendly Traveler

All of my previous posts in this blog have been about traveling, about places I’ve been to, places I’d like to visit or return to in the future, places in my hometown, in the Philippines, a couple outside the country…

However, as much as I like to travel and see new places, there are several things that I am as passionate about—and one of these things is living green.